"i was black lace,
red handprints, and distracted
by the view outside your window,
you were heavy breathing and
a little too much eye contact,
you never kissed me in front

of your friends and you only held
my hand when yours went numb,
you once said attachment scared
you and by the way you
unclasped my bra so quickly,
i believed it,
we were the smile after the slap,
and the pressure points down
my back,
you spoke in bruises and spit
and still wonder why i flinch"
- am i going crazy or can i still smell you on my skin | fragilefuck (via fragilefuck)

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so we should go to the park

the one that’s flooded and ugly

yeah, we should meet there tonight

where nearly everything is sunken into the earth

as it turns toward a whorish instruction

something i’d like you to share, if i needed you there

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please don’t feel bad because you feel like you cry too much or that your grades suck or that you eat too much. Sailor Moon had all those flaws but she was a hero and so are you.

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we are four queer and trans kids living in a punk house called the void that’s on the brink of facing possible eviction.  multiple forces have combined (people being forced out by the landlady because of a pet, others moving out, others just not having the funds they expected) that leaves us about $1,000 short on rent for october. all of us are calling in our favors, but even with that we still may come up short. finding new housemates is not an option as we are all trying to move out in november.  

 we all have mental illnesses, some severe enough that prevent us from working, and others have been looking for jobs despite this but with no luck. being unhoused would put severely aggravate our already unstable mental health situations for all of us. i don’t think any of us imaged we’d ever be asking tumblr for money, but our housing instability has been pushed to the point where we don’t know what else to do.

 after looking into tenants rights and eviction laws in maryland, it seems that if we don’t pay rent in full on time we could be forcibly removed in a matter of weeks, which would leave most, if not all of us without a place to go.

 so that’s where we’re at, seriously any amount, no matter how small would be so greatly appreciated. please send donations to raven’s paypal at indra.now@gmail.com

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Constant Headache | Joyce Manor

And then you finally found me, pretending to sleep.
You said such nice things about me, I felt guilty and cheap.

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"Well happiness and joy and bliss, how it all disappeared so quick. So here’s to life and here’s to love. I’ve said it before, that I fade with the setting sun."

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science side of tumblr why am i emo

your black skinny genes

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